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Tanya Head

Tanya Head

Glendale AZ


When I first looked into Andorra Credit, I had a bit of hesitation. I had my credit looked into before, the customer service wasn't exactly top notch. I had my doubts Andorra could fix my credit situation.
I was introduced to Stephanie, she was to be my credit specialist throughout the 6 months. We had a bit of a rocky start due to my hesitation as well as my apprehension she could do anything. Through her gentle voice, she managed to reassure me Andorra could help my situation and she would be there to answer any questions throughout.
After the first couple of months I began to see my credit slowly climb, I was in complete disbelief, with the other credit companies, I wasn't able to see my progress, with Andorra, I had my own account to keep track of all 3 bureaus as well as my scores. This was such a gratification for me. I did exactly as Stephanie wanted with everything, I began to see positivity throughout my scores and credit reports, it was a task taking certain accounts off, she kept my spirits up without any setbacks. In the end, she and Andorra increased my credit 54%! I have never had this happen, now I have the tools to continue increasing my scores and reports.
I am truly grateful, thankful, and appreciative for Stephanie and everyone at Andorra. Even after we parted ways after the 6 month period, she is always hear to help with any questions I may have keeping me on track with my credit and  what I need to do to further increase my scores. I couldn't be more pleased with the results. I have referred my brother and sister in law to Andorra in hopes she can help them as well. With Stephanie's knowledge and help from her staff, I know they will be able to help them as much as I.



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